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Academic Overview

Culturally Responsive and Sustaining (CR-S) pedagogy is the umbrella that ensures all students are effectively and appropriately challenged.  5280 Freedom School promotes CR-S through:

  • Universal culturally responsive social-emotional learning 

  • Instructional materials and complex text selections that highlight Black history, art, and scientific contribution

  • Key instructional frameworks and strategies:

    • Zaretta Hammond’s  Ready for Rigor framework

    • Universal Gifted & Talented Instruction

    • Science of Reading: Systematic Phonics Instruction and Close Reading for Making Meaning in English Language Arts 

    • Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s (2020) Cultivating Genius framework

    • Cognitively Guided Instruction and Problem-Based Learning

School Culture

School Culture

To ensure that the 5280 Freedom School is a place where people are loved, valued, safe, and free to be themselves, we will adhere to the following:

  • Black Lives Matter at School 13 Guiding Principles

  • Culture Setting: Ready for Rigor Framework

  • Co-created classroom expectations

  • Daily Social and Emotional Learning

  • Consistent Rituals and Routines


Humanities: 5280 FS will use Colorado state standards, evidence outcomes, and procured curricula to create humanities units for each grade level. Since foundational reading instruction needs to be taught systematically and sequentially, teachers will use scope and sequence documents and pacing guides within the Amplify CKLA curriculum for foundational skill and acceleration block planning.


Math: It is critical to the 5280 Freedom School mission that children identify as scientists, mathematicians, engineers, planners, and problem solvers. 5280 Freedom School takes a student-centered approach to math instruction. Students receive 70 minutes of math each day across grades K-5. Illustrative Math and Cognitively Guided Mathematics curriculum were carefully selected for standards, mission, and pedagogy alignment. 


Science: 5280 FS has selected the Amplify Science K-5 curriculum for several reasons. It is a “phenomenon-based curriculum,” meaning it is rooted in inquiry-based and experiential learning. Similar to IM, Amplify Science aims to build scientific knowledge and practice.


Monday- Thursday- 8:00 am -3:30 pm

Friday - 8:00 am - 1:30 pm

Before/Aftercare: 7 am - 5 pm

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